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Jewelry designers or makers who begin to produce more work, who want to duplicate their work, or who want to explore advanced jewelry making techniques, may want to explore advanced equipment. Advanced equipment includes casting equipment, duplication equipment, kilns, bench press equipment, and lapidary equipment. The type of equipment you need is dictated by your interests.

wooden jewelry molds

Casting Equipment

Casting equipment includes sand, charcoal, cuttlefish bone, kilns, and centrifugal machines. Casting enables the jeweler to make molds for jewelry designs that can be supported with sheet metal or wire.

Duplication Equipment

Duplication equipment is ideal for jewelers who want to create more than one of the same designs. In order to duplicate jewelry, the designer must first make a mold. To make the mold, metal model and rubber materials is put into a metal frame, then heated in a vulcanizer. The finished material is a solid rubber block. The metal model is removed from the rubber block, leaving an impression that is ready to accept warm wax.

To make identical models of the original model, the jeweler makes wax models by using a wax injector to inject liquid wax into the rubber mold. The hardened wax model can then be used for additional models.

jewelry kiln


Kilns are ovens that reach high temperatures. In jewelry design, they are used for enameling, casting, glasswork, and ceramics.

Bench Press

A bench press is a piece of equipment that can be used to flatten metal, to put patterns into metal, and to push and stretch metal into three-dimensional shapes.

Lapidary Equipment

Lapidary equipment enables jewelers to cut and grind their own gemstones. This piece of equipment is for specialists, and is not needed to cut, grind, and polish cabochon stones.
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