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jeweler's studio Studio space is an important consideration for all jewelers, from those just starting out to those who are more established. Besides considering the amount of space needed, it is also important to consider future growth needs, availability of resources, and health and safety.


The space you choose should be able to immediately hold your current equipment, but should also be large enough to accommodate expansion as your needs — and the amount of equipment you use — grows. To ensure good flow in your space, designate separate areas for your work, your tasks (like paperwork), and for storage.

jewelry studio equipment

Location, Location, Location

Because jewelry making requires the use of electricity and water, you'll need easy access to both of these resources. Choose a climate-controlled space with plenty of electrical outlets, and running water. If your studio is in your home, avoid using your kitchen sink to rinse metals and dispose of chemicals, as this can contaminate your food and utensils.

In addition to electricity and water, the most important resource in your studio is good lighting. A combination of floor lamps and desk lamps may work for a small space, but larger spaces will likely require professionally installed track lighting and floodlights.

It's important that your studio is a safe and healthy place to work. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation, and know how to safely store gas and chemicals.

jeweler's studio workbench


A well-organized studio is an easy space to work in, while one that is poorly organized can cause lots of stress. Label chemicals boldly, and designate a space for them. To keep track of specific tools, keep them in labeled drawers, bins, or boxes, or on easy-to-access shelves.
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Jewelry Studio Planning Considerations