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Soldering is the process in which one piece of jewelry is joined to another. Equipment commonly used during the soldering process includes soldering tools, soldering surface, flux, torches, and pickle.

jeweler using a soldering torch and tweezers

Soldering Tools

Soldering tools include soldering tips and tweezers to pick up pieces of metal, binding wire to bind objects, a soldering tripod for elevating work so it can be heated underneath, stabilizing pins to steady your work, and a "third hand" to help you better manipulate jewelry pieces when your own two hands won't do.

Soldering Surface

Materials frequently used by jewelers as a soldering surface include ceramic pads, kiln firebricks, carbon fiber, and charcoal bricks. A soldering surface must be able to withstand high heat temperatures.

jeweler using solder flux


To allow solder to flow, you must first treat work with flux. Flux protects metals from the oxides that build up during the soldering process, which prevent the solder from properly flowing. There are several different types of flux available, depending upon the type of metal you are working with.


Handheld torches heat the solder to bind pieces together. A small mini-torch is preferred by jewelers, because it allows for more control of flame and oxygen.


Pickle is a solution that removes the flux residue created during the soldering process, and cleans metal. Pickle can be placed in a special pot designed for this surface, or in a slow cooker. Jewelry can be submerged directly in the pickle, using tongs.
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Jewelry Soldering Equipment