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In addition to hand tools needed to manufacture jewelry, most jewelers outfit their studios with basic tools and equipment, including a flexible shaft tool, drill press, buffer/polishing lathe, benchtop grinder, rolling mill, and shear.

flexible shaft machines

Flexible Shaft Tool

A flexible shaft tool accommodates a variety of burs and bits, and is used to polish, sand, grind, and shape metal. Flexible shaft tools are primarily used for setting stones, and are very convenient because hand pieces can be swapped out quickly.

Drill Press

A drill press enables the jeweler more control when drilling holes in metal, glass, or ceramic, resulting in precise work. The drill press table holds the work securely, so the jeweler can drill holes for parts that need pins, screws, or rivets. Several different types of bits can be attached to the drill press, depending upon the size and type of hole needed.

jeweler using a benchtop grinder

Benchtop Grinder

Benchtop grinders are ideal for larger projects that are not suitable for hand tools. They are able to take off large amounts of metal at a time, and work well with hard metals. Benchtop grinders come in two styles: full high-speed style, and adjustable speed dial.

Buffing Cabinet/Polishing Lathe

This piece of equipment polishes and buffs metal, while also collecting and filtering the dust and other hazardous materials that result from the buffing and polishing process. Buffing cabinets come with one or two shafts, and can also be outfitted with wood sanding mandrels, ring buffing mandrels, abrasive sleeves, and laps.

jewelry rolling mill

Rolling Mill

A rolling mill flattens sheet metal, by increasing pressure and creating force that stretches the metal, each time it is rolled through the mill. Rolling mills can also be used to reduce wire and ring stock, and to add textures and patterns to metal.


A shear cuts thick pieces of metal precisely, in situations where a jeweler's saw won't work. A shear can also be used to make square edges on larger pieces, and typically features a tool that enables the jeweler to bend metal at an angle.
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Basic Jewelry Studio Equipment